Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Haute Reads: Patti Stanger's Become Your Own Matchmaker

Woof. Sorry about my lack of posts the past few days...between work, kickball, and preparing for my new job (more about that later), I've realized once again just how terrible I am at time management.

On a kickball note, we had a tie game last night, making it our first non-loss. Note: I was the only one on our team who thought this was really cool. (Everyone was pretty much pissed off that we hadn't won.)

But I digress. My dear friend Shannon gave me Patti Stanger's book for my birthday, and I just finished it.

In two days. 

It was that awesome. While Why Men Love Bitches is a book to get you in the right mindset about dating, Patti literally gives you the script of what to say to and do when navigating the dating world. (I would be interested to hear what she had to say about some of my Match.com messages.)

Bottom line: even if you think you know what you're doing, Patti still has a few tricks up her sleeves. And she is adament about letting the man lead, which is surprisingly difficult in today's text-and-Facebook saturated world.

I even pulled this book out of my tote bag and showed it to a boy at the bar...and he still seems to like me. And therein lies the Power of Patti. 

Has anyone else read this?


Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

I wanna read it!

Or.. how about you outline it for me and paraphrase all her best tips? ;) Call me lazy. Or call me on the prowl.

Hey, do ya blame me? ;)

Just sayin, I think you should plan a road trip to VA Beach. We'll put Pattys tricks to the test on the VA Beach oceanfront.

Just. Say. Yes.

Shae Majors said...

I've read it! And it was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

She's a jersey girl genius! Even as a southern girl in a long term relationship, I learned so many new things! - things I wasn't even aware I was doing!

If nothing else, she's absolutely hilarious and straightforward about all of it - much like our own haughty by nature!

Ms. C said...

so glad you loved it!! I knew you would!! it is great!!

Anonymous said...

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