Friday, April 8, 2011

Awkward by Nature

Last night I went out on a limb and decided to go to Alive After 5 with a bunch of my favorites.

I really need a smaller purse
I even got the bartender (who I'm pretty sure didn't know up from down) to make a modified "skinnygirl" margarita: tequila, club soda, splash of sour mix.

We danced to the sounds of Liquid Pleasure (who played such classics as Nellys "Hot in Herrre"), took fraps (fraternity laps...scoping for dudes), and generally had a great time.

So, naturally, something weird had to happen.

Now comes confession time. I've been keeping secrets from ya'll. I went on a date with a guy from a couple of weeks ago. (I'll post about it next week!) It was a good date, but long story short I didn't hear from him until A WEEK LATER (and even then it was a lame text) so I decided that this was probably not the man for me. Also, I have the attention span of one of my four year old students and need constant attention in order to maintain interest. (But not too much attention. It's all about balance.)

Well, I ran into him right in the middle of Alive After 5. Not only did I run into him, but he trapped me for like ten minutes making small talk about things we had talked about on our date...which was literally over a month ago. Hey dude? If you wanted to know all this, you should have asked me out again. That's how this whole "dating" thing works. I am trying to leave.

Then he ended with "I'm off to get a burger, are you jealous?"

Me: "Not really."

Him: "Not really? Why?"

Me: "I'm a vegetarian...?"

Him: "You could get a turkey burger."

Right....this might be why we didn't go out again.



Erin Sagester said...

no wonder you were out of there like a hot (vegan sweet) potato.

MLD said...

fraps = my new favorite word. why did i not use that in college?! have a great weekend!

Hines-Sight said...

Didn't he mean veggie burger? Ha! What a silly thing to say, "Are you jealous?"

bel said...

Ahhh... The elusive Vegetable Turkey... I hear those are very hard to come by. Why would anyone make one into a burger?

Jana said...

ahhh the ol' turkey burger comment... ughhhh My personal fav is

me - I don't eat meat, so no I don't eat bacon
other person - do you eat turkey bacon.
me - no... that is stillll meat!

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