Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ensley: Kickball Superstar, Dating Disaster

I wrote yesterday's post right before I headed to my kickball game. I'd had a pit in my stomach all day that a certain someone had read the post about him, despite me being under the impression he hadn't the slightest idea about my blog.

Guess what? I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I knew what had happened as soon as I walked up to our group at kickball and didn't get so much as a hello. That shoulder was so cold it might as well have been ice.


[Side note: Awkwardness must fuel the tiny bit of athleticism running in my blood, because I was up to bat with 2 strikes and 2 fouls and managed a sweet kick that got me to second base. Just was the most athletic moment of my life. We still lost, though.]

I didn't think the bar after the game was the most appropriate place to discuss my verbal internet diarrhea, but I did issue him a long and sincere apology message when I got home. He deserved it, and I am sorry. My friend Caroline said I should come with a warning label (like tequila): Please Date Responsibly.

For the first time in my life, I'm better at sports than I am at dating. (Which just goes to prove how bad I am at dating.) Thanks for your comments and support yesterday, though everyone is being way too nice to me. (Maybe because they're afraid I'll blog about them otherwise...which, let's be honest, I totally would.) I'm checking this one off as "lesson learned", while at the same time enjoying my career as a professional kickball player.

Oh, and learning to keep my mouth shut at least 1% of the time. (It's a struggle, people!)


Allison @ Happy Tales said...

Bahhhh. I still think you should be able to voice your opinion if you want to, i mean, it's your life... it's your blog! Who freakin' cares if you hurt some guys feelings, it's not like any of us out here in *internet land* know who he is! OH well. I know you know what is best for you, and I'm glad you had a rockin' time at kickball and flaunted your athletic side!

Adrienne said...

I did read your post about your date the other night and I can see how you would feel badly about him reading it too - but I think you did him and all his future dates a huge favor. He can't but help being aware of his one-sided conversations from now on.
Don't beat yourself up too much. I can see you are a good person with high standards which many women your age do not have. And there is not one thing wrong with you expressing your views on your blog. I hope you continue being yourself and telling us all about your adventures in dating.

Haughty by Nature said...

@ Allison Don't worry...I'm sure there's MANY more stories where that came from!

Haughty by Nature said...

@ Adrienne You always have the right thing to say. Thank you!

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