Friday, March 18, 2011

Just Another Day At the Office

This morning was one of those freakish times where I:
1) Woke up before my alarm
2) Had a desire to workout

Rarely does this happen at the same time, or (let's be honest) at all. Could be because it's a teacher workday today, so I'm willing to forgo an extra hour of sleep since today doesn't really count as work.

Why doesn't it feel like work? Two things: peace. And quiet. When I was little, I always wondered what teachers did on their workdays. While my teacher workday duties vary, here are somethings I will definitely not be doing:

Asking people to stop picking their nose
Asking people to stop licking their hands
Asking people to stop staring at me
Asking people to stop clomping down the hallways like the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk ("Fee, fi, fo, fum")
Asking people to stop putting Cheez-Its in their pockets
Asking people to stop eating Cheez-Its from said pockets
Asking people where the marshmallows came from that are also in their pockets
Breaking up fights at the snack table
Breaking up fights during the invented playground game of "Big sister, little sister" (it gets intense)
Telling people that are crying to take a deep breath and
Asking people if they know where that awful smell is coming from
Asking someone if that smell is coming from their pants
Asking people to stop asking me questions (When's lunch? When's snack? What day is it? Did you know that I am having a Batman birthday party?) that I look at this list, what am I going to do all day? Oh right: work in my classroom, chat with coworkers, listen to Pandora, have an hour lunch, and feel like I actually accomplished something.

Happy Friday.


Suzy Q said...

I will take over some of your everyday duties for you today like..

Quit chewing on your hair
Stop asking me questions you already know the answer to
Take some deep breaths, this is nothing to cry about
Are you wearing panties?

These are just a few... Have a great weekend!

charlotte_seo said...

As a former teacher I can testify to the "not really work" feeling of a teacher work day.

btw - I'm picking my nose right now and need an intervention.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Today should be heaven for you. I want a parent work day. Ha! I don't know how you do your job. It's tiring day after day. I was happy til I picked up my son from pre-school then I learned from his teacher that he's not been behaving well lately.

Happy Friday!

Christina said...

kids lick their hands? hahah ew.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I know Adrienne gave you the Blog Love award, but I could not leave you out of my ten. I mentioned you in my post today for my "Blog Loves".

Sarah said...

Teacher workdays = WONDERFUL!!! It's like work but not really! I can feel like I'm getting something accomplished without having to talk to a single person all day haha!

Ashley said...

Hilarious, SO TRUE, and I can completely contest to

Fab post, as always!

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