Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bachelor Finale: Buzzkill Central

Ok, I'm confused.

Last night's finale episode was one of the sweetest ever, especially once it became clear that Brad was going to pick Emily. Not only is she the hottest woman I've ever seen, but she's from Charlotte. Holla! Plus, I love that a single mom was FINALLY chosen. (Though I'm not really sure why any mom would go on the show in the first place, since they get to see their child an average of one time during filming. But I digress.)

I also have to say, this was the only finale where I genuinely liked both women. As gorgeous as Emily is, Chantal is equally beautiful, and bubbly and charming to boot.

I usually tear up a little during the proposals, (mostly because of the size of the engagement ring), but I cried like a baby when they just stood there, cheeks pressed together, whispering I love you back and forth. This was for real! This was it!

And now, apparently, this is on the outs!

I mean, how much of a buzzkill was After the Final Rose? I'm pretty sure Jake and Vienna looked happier together, even when she was constantly undermining him. On one hand, perhaps Emily and Brad were just being honest, giving us a taste of what this process is really like vs. the fairytale ABC is pushing them to present.

Unfortunately, I don't watch The Bachelor for a dose of honesty or reality. I want a big, fantastic, cream-puff fairytale that ends in a million-dollar wedding for all of America to sit and drool over. Hearing that Brad "has a temper" (translation: "is a huge douchelord") does not help me one single bit. Plus, with Emily's personality being what it is, what in the world is Brad having temper tantrums over? How agreeable and sweet she is all the time? How kind she is? How she only has nice things to say about everyone?

Who can fault Emily for not wanting to jump into marriage with a grown man that throws temper tantrums? Also, why did they seem so uncomfortable when Chris Harrison asked if they were still engaged?

So what do you think? Were they just being honest or are they headed for Splitsville? Any other favorite moments from last night?


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I also couldn't believe how things went down on ATFR... wow... I feel like the Emily that Brad fell in love with (the sweet, quiet, non-opinionated one we saw on the show)was totttally not the girl we saw last night. She was a completely different person... I agree with everything she was saying and would be a little scared to marry him too, but she seemed so different. I love the show bc it's 2 hours of pure good entertainment.. hah But last night was just awkward... I still love her, I think, but that was just weird.

Mackenzie said...

I say, good for Emily. Get out while you still can. She did a good job winning the competition that is The Bachelor, but unfortunately, the prize for winning was Brad Womack. Anyone who didn't see how big a douche he was after watching the show for five minutes (four of which could be a completely unrelated commercial break) is equally as dumb as the Bachelor himself. Though Emily won't be nominated for mother of the year, she can still salvage some pride and dignity by running as quickly as she can in the opposite direction. Dodge that bullet, girl!

Shae said...

Alert: I don't sugarcoat my Bachelor rants. If you are a get-angry-quickly kind of person, please stop reading now. Am I the only one who questions/judges Emily? I think she is definitely a Southern Belle and all that jazz... good mother, heartache/heartbreak, etc. But I think she needs a lot of therapy. It doesn't seem like she's really dealt with her loss, and this situation probably wasn't best for someone as emotionally fragile as she. AND I think she has a bigger temper than Brad. She's used to getting everything she wants and being independent/spoiled/selfish/indulgent, and maybe he challenged her somewhat. Maybe by proposing, he actually wanted to marry her and become a part of her life. Weird. Brad was authentic and really put himself out there, and was looking for the person who would make himself better. Thus, he chose Emily. I think she came to her senses and realized that whoa, this isn't all Disney princess movies and got cold feet. They are 100% going to break up, and that is just sad. I think Brad is possibly just dumb and slow. Which isn't his fault, but he really wanted love and I think he's going to be the next Bachelor, taking a third chance up to bat.

Speaking of buzzkills, Ashley as the new Batch? Yawn. She needs to develop a personality and intent, and stick to the Patty Stanger "2 Drink Maximum." Major alcoholic.

Finally, I thought I didn't like Chantal but now she's growing on me, just like Jillian. I think they should soley do Bachelor Pads from now on, much more entertaining.

Imagine if I put the same thought, concern, and time toward studying for my CFA exam that I do to reality TV. Bring on the summer!

Adrienne Shubin said...

Emily is the one with her head screwed on properly. Brad is one big dopey ball of emotional issues - you can tell by all his therapy-based talk. I think it's great he's working on himself, but he needs to let it all marinate before he brings, not one, but two people into his life.

Take it from someone who married a man with three small kids: If you're angry, impatient and short-tempered now, just wait until you're around a five year old every day!

I was sensing that Emily is getting the 'ickies' about Brad. He comes on waaaay too strong! All that hugging and caressing and ugh! I felt suffocated and I was just watching on tv!
It bugs the crap out of me when people use the words "unconditional love". I believe there is no such thing - especially between two people who are just getting to know one another. He needs to take it down a couple notches.

Bottom line: Run for the hills, Emily! Stay in Charlotte! Join Match.com - I heard there are some awesome guys in your area :(

Clare said...

OK. I agree with Adrienne, he needs to stop rubbing her finger or whatever he's doing. But I would bet dollars to donuts that he slept with Chantel (tal?) on that overnight date, but has told Emily that he was in love with her for a long time, and she was like wtf did you sleep with Chantel (tal) then, and can't get over it. Plus he talks way to slow. And I think Chad in plaid was the hotter twin.

Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

Hahaha. YES. the final rose was a complete buzzkill. and I think she wants to wait to experience the relationship in the real world before jumping into marriage. THEN, when ABC caught wind of that, they decided to make it a bigger deal than it really was, make it sound like they were broken up, etc.

maybe I'm in my own creampuff fantasy, but I that's what I want to believe. ;)

Adrienne Shubin said...

I forgot to tell you I have a little 'love' for you over at my blog!

Haughty by Nature said...

These comments are AWESOOOME. I've been laughing so much.

@ Jana Agreed. I still feel awkward about it today, and I wasn't that emotionally invested in the first place.

@ Mackenzie...I have to agree with you on this one. Could Emily win a prize for winning The Bachelor with the least amount of effort ever exerted? I mean...there was no manipulating, no conniving, no backstabbing. How DID she do it? And now she's probably wondering "WHY did I do it?"

@Shae I only question/judge Emily in that the way she was portrayed on the show was a little too good to be true. I think she does give Brad some pushback, which is what he likes about her...but I am definitely not looking forward to Ashley H. "shaking her groove thang" for however many weeks of the Bachelorette. Couldn't they have chosen someone that auditioned? They don't always HAVE to choose a rejected contestant, do they?

@Adrienne Brad seems a little more obsessed with Emily than in love with her. And putting a man with a temper around her young daughter? No thank you! I totally understand...I don't think my temper is bad, but some days those four year old students of mine reallllllly test that theory. And I DIED laughing at your Match comment...thought if she gets on there, there really will be no hope for me! (And thanks for the love!)

@ Clare...what was WITH that finger caressing? Stop it already! And my roommate and I are in consensus that he got his groove on with Chantal in that fantasy suite, hence the rage and jealously. Really, Brad? REALLY?

@Alyssa I hope so...I think she has a more realistic take on the whole thing than Brad does, who apparently thinks that you just get married and everything is warm fuzzies and snuggle sessions for all of eternity. Weird.

Beautifully Seaside // Formerly Chic Coastal Living said...

hahahaha! Love your take on this! I've been analyzing it alllll day with my sister and mother! Thanks for the follow! You are a funny gal!

Christina said...

that was so painful to watch. emily is so not into him.

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