Monday, May 9, 2011

Something Borrowed: Dex vs. Ethan

Did anyone else see Something Borrowed this weekend? I've read all of Emily Giffen's books, and Something Borrowed and Something Blue are my favorites.

My only issue? Hands-down, I would have chosen John Krasinski's Ethan character over boring ol' Dex. What. Is. She. Thinking.

And yes, I did spend the e-n-t-i-r-e movie jealous that Emily Blunt gets to be Mrs. Krasinski in real life. Sigh.

But my unattainable crushes aside, who would you pick: Dex or Ethan?


Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

ETHAN! Uh, duuuuhhh.

I'm still itching to go see it. Something Borrowed (the twist in it, mostly) is my allllltime favie.

Gotta love the mindless reads.

Mimosas on Mondays said...

Dex= lust
Ethan= love
And I cannot wait for Something Blue to hit theaters hopefully sooner than later!

Haughty by Nature said...

@ Alyssa I always put off reading Something Borrowed and Something Blue in college because I thought they looked like brainless chick lit, but when I finally picked them up I couldn't put them down!

Not to say that I don't have the same level of rapture for, say, War and Peace...*cough*

Haughty by Nature said...

@ Mimosas on Mondays YESSSS. I love it when people agree with me! (Kidding, but not really.) And the ENTIRE movie I was thinking that I really hoped they were making Something Blue as a sequel *immediately*...I think that would almost make a better movie.

Kristen said...

Well the movie makes you want Ethan, but the book does a WAY better job at making you want Dex for Rachel.

Something Blue makes you feel much better about poor Ethan being left alone. The director made an unfair choice in picking Krasinski. He should have known that ALLLLLLL women LOVE "Jim" because he's just the adorably quirky guy. He plays that role so well you have to wonder if it's actually his personality.

And yes I want John Krasinski. I'm happy he picked a normal Brit in Emily Blunt and not some watery tart from Hollywood. Hoping they last!

bobbaloo91 said...

Ethan all the way. I couldn't stand Dex. Ethan already proved himself as the loyal best friend, and that would only be the beginning of something fantastic. At the end when Darcy was on the phone I was hoping the Dex was only there as a coincidence and that Ethan would be coming around the corner. John played him spectacularly, just as he does any other roll. To heck with teams Jacob and Edward- TEAM ETHAN!!

bobbaloo91 said...

Correction!! Rachel not Darcy! Of course... Sorry!

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