Friday, May 27, 2011

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Thanks to a crazy schedule the past month or so, I haven't been logging on to my Match profile, uh, ever. (Plus, I'm about to move, but more about that later.) Luckily, gems like this continue to find me. 

hi my name is Ryan and I'm 22yrs old. I often get 26 or so because of my matured level. I work full time for the city of charlotte as a professional firefighter and I also have my associates degree from back home in NY. I am very easy going and I like to keep things fun and entertaining. I was looking at your profile and thought that you were really cute, and that you had a lot of nice things to say. You seem to have a smart head on your shoulders with a pretty laid back feel. Hopefully I can talk to ya soon and chat with ya!

Where have you and your "matured level" been all my life? I'll assumed that your Associates Degree wasn't in English, because I notice you capitalize your own name and the pronoun "I", but nothing else. 

My "smart head" has a "pretty laid back feel"? This is the best compliment ever!

Seriously....I think I've found the One, you guys!


MackDaddy said...

I can't help but somehow think this person might be awkward Jon using an alias. "I'm a firefighter..."

shae majors said...

omg i think he sounds precious!!!! He might be a little green (young) and obviously his associates isn't in journalism, but miss haughty like you said, you never know he could be the one!!! ;)

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