Monday, May 9, 2011

Cinco de Drinko

Yea...didn't post on Friday because I had a little too much fun on Cinco de Mayo Thursday night...(seriously, I barely made it to work). Woof.

Buuuut it was totally worth the pounding headache and slight nausea that I experienced Friday morning to have danced the night away to the sounds of Jessie's Girls:

Terrible costumes, good music
Seriously...the girls looked like they came straight from some sort of American Apparel strip club...not cute. But they sang Beyonce and Neo, so I forgave them.

My friend Keefs and I enjoyed tasting all of the different bartenders' versions of skinnygirl margs. Some interpreted this as "bottom shelf tequila, straight up" while others actually understood what we were saying, which was:

Club soda
SPLASH of lime juice (P.S., a "splash" does not equal pouring half the bottle into my cup)

Keefer and me

We ran into friends! Recognize Lindsey from the AWOL pictures?
While the music and ladies were fun, there were unfortunately no hot dudes there. (Wonk.) Even Lindsey, who is all of 5'4, kept commenting on how short the male population was at this gathering. Sigh.There was, however, one of my ex-boyfriend's friends, who decided to pull me into this lovely conversation:

Dude: used to date (insert ex's name here)

Me: (Surprised look.) Yes I did. That was a really long time ago.

Dude: I love that kid.

Me: Since you're best friends, I would certainly hope so.

As usual, I was awkward and didn't really know what to say. I run into this guy all the time, so it's not like the only memories he has of my are with the ex. And we broke up almost two years ago! (See: beating a dead horse.) Was he trying to get me to trash talk, or did he genuinely think this was an interesting topic for discussion?

Good thing I had plenty of tequila on hand. What would you have said?


Emily White said...

you should just call him out on it one time and just be like, bro, do you have a crush on him or something? why is he all we ever talk about?

boys are stupid

Haughty by Nature said...

YESSSS. Can I just wear an earpiece so you can tell me things like this? My brain completely shuts down in awkward situations.

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