Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Operation: Kate Middleton

...also known as O.K.M.

Before the Royal Wedding last Friday, my dear roommate and I would probably have considered ourselves "average" Kate Middleton fans. She seemed lovely enough, but we were more likely to squeal excitedly over the raunchy dance moves of Beyonce and Britney.

Until she stepped out of that Rolls Royce on Friday morning. Besides being speechless at the perfection of the dress, our minds were racing. The waist was so tiny! The hair was so luscious! The makeup? Glowing! We were mesmerized.

And so began our obsession with the new Duchess of Cambridge. (Is her name Kate Windsor now? Or Wales? Or Arthur Philip Louis or whatever she called Wills during the ceremony?)
Also, we've decided we're willing to wear corsets on a daily basis if it means having waists that small. Whatever it takes.

Until corsets become a more realistic option, we've decided to use Kate as our workout/diet inspiration. When we're eyeing that last piece of chocolate in the pantry, the whispered letters O.K.M are all that's needed to deter our greedy hands. Trying to skip out on a workout? Pictures of like these of K.M. herself await to taunt inspire us on our bathroom mirrors:

Kate in her Royal Recepton Dress, also custom designed by Sarah Burton
Why are you so perfect? Why?

Inspiring enough to put down the chocolate, no?

Aaaand everything in my closet will now be pink. Don't judge.
O.K.M isn't about landing a prince as much as it's about our own personal vanity. We want to look hot. And sitting around watching reruns of Bethenny Ever After ain't going to do the trick. So we're each using O.K.M. to inspire us in different ways. For Roomie, that means adding some push-ups to her cardio routine and writing down what she eats. For me, it means doing more than one tricep dip a year and doing at least a short walk/run every day. So far, so good. (It's Day 2.)

Roomie confessed our freakish obsessions to her bestie, who comforted us in our crazy by telling us she's embarking on a similar regime she aptly title Project Kate. Ka-ching!

And once the novelty of O.K.M. wears off, we can always switch to O.P.M.:
Operation Pippa Middleton

Are you on O.K.M. or O.P.M? 


Lindsey said...

Team O.K.M for days.

innovativepr said...

best. blog. EVER.

Hines-Sight said...

Great inspirations.

I was always team Diana, and I'm assuming I would be today had she lived because she was older than me, and she would be 50 now, and I'm assuming as lovely as ever with style and grace, and a style to emulate. So now, at my age of 42...can't really go backwards to Team Kate or Pippa, but can for some things, but I guess I will be Team Carole (the mom). She is inspriring for her age, and looks young in her 50's.

Elise said...

I wish I could post the pic of how much chocolate (& choc covered strawberries!) I just got for teacher appreciation week. Oof.

Whatevs, OKM all the way!!!!!!

(& thank GOODNESS I also got lots of apples -- my truly favorite snack!)

OKMOKMOKM hollaaaaaa

Elise said...

Also, sidenote:

To put Kate above Britney & Beyonce at or apartment...

is a BIG deal.

Adrienne said...

I think you are just as pretty as Kate - so I vote for team H.B.N.

Kristin said...

OKM! I don't see what the big deal about Pippa's dress was??

Sarah said...

O.K.M. all the way. Like you, I was just an average fan. But when I saw her riding in the car and getting out at the abbey, I became obsessed. I read every tweet about the wedding and then impatiently waited for People to come out with the wedding mag yesterday. haha!! So I will gladly whisper OKM whenever I want to eat something fattening!!

Lynne said...

Yes, I confess....I think of Kate and Pippa as I do stair climbing at work for my exercise. I have never had a waistline, so I don't know why I suddenly expect to develop one now, but a girl can hope right?

Kristen said...

I am absolutely 100% OB-SEEEESSSSED with Catherine!! (She has asked to be called that since the wedding and I believe we could oblige...teehee). However, after Sunday's wedding, I think I will just be OM. Operation Middleton. The whole damn family is hot.

Best part about Kate? She's one inch shorter than me. Worst part about her? She's 40lbs lighter than me...That just means I will be jumping on O.M. to lose the extra 5yr old I'm carrying around...awesome.

Kristen said...
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