Tuesday, January 17, 2012

RH of Beverly Hills: La Sur or La Slur?

Seeing as how it's a three day weekend and I may or may not have taken a significant nap Monday afternoon, I was actually able to stay awake to watch the best show ever created Real Housewives of BH last night. 

One of my favorite things about these Housewives? Besides the fact that they're loaded and gorgeous, they're pretty much the only RH cast that doesn't spend entire seasons in screaming matches (execpt for Kim and Kyle, and really, can you blame them?). It's much more fun to watch when the ladies actually get along.  
Once, again, we find Kim heavily sedated, which apparently causes her to crawl around on the hotel's bathroom floor. I've never been on anti-anxiety meds, but I'm pretty sure that's not an official side effect. 
But then again, neither is looking like a hot mess and having a busted, creepy boyfriend, but she can't seem to shake those, either. Oh, Kim. Why are you on the show again? I'd rather see more of Dana and the wine cooler in her closet. For realz. Why doesn't she get more camera time?

Kim then reveals to Kyle that things aren't working with said busted, creepy boyfriend, to which Kyle and the audience both said: we feel so bad for you duh. 

Taylor bravely showed up to the opening of SUR to talk to the ladies about the ending of her marriage. (Another thing I love about these ladies? They literally hide nothing from the camera. I. Can't. Get. Enough.) If the diamonds in their Captain Planet-like pile up don't make you drool, I really can't help you. 

The biggest reason they're smiling? Kim's not there. 
All images from Bravotv.com

Sadly, the season finale is next week, which means my reasons for living will whittle down to about zero. Sigh. At least I only have a few more weeks until Orange County premieres...


Anonymous said...

I swear you make me laugh out loud!! You have a fabulous sense of humor. Although I confess that I do miss the Match.Com guy creepy posts I like hearing about your student.
Keep the posts coming!!

sSe said...

I am absolutely obsessed with the Housewives as well, and I cannot get enough of Dana. Seriously girlfriend should get her own show. I know I would watch :-)

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