Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RHOBH: Aloha in Hawaii

In an age where even the 15th season of the Bachelor can let you down, how can you trust that there is still good in the world?

This is the question I ask myself. Daily. Until RHOBH comes on and I'm reminded that all is well.

It's no secret that I'm a Housewives addict. (Well, addicts go to rehab. I'm just uh, unable to function normally without watching it on a regular basis. Totally different. Totally.)

The ladies of Beverly Hills are by far my favorite Housewives, and there's really no competition. You have to love Brandi's Xanaxed conversations, Camille's refined bitchiness, and Lisa's constant mocking of anyone who deserves it. These? Are my people. Let's not forget watching Taylor's beyond-Botox'd face attempting to contort into tears every episode. (Ease up, girlfriend. Ease up.)
You have to die for Camille refusing to take off those wedges at all costs. DIE!

Basically, these women are living the life that I was born to live. Palatial estates, closets with wine coolers, and schedules that involve endless lunches, premieres, and parties. Unlike most of the other Housewives (ahem, Atlanta) these ladies aren't wannabes. They're it. And I love it.

Check out Dana's house tour, complete with wine fridge in the closet:

Click here to hear the Housewives' workout routines (does the white wine only diet count? Didn't think so.)

Are you watching? What do you think of this season?


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