Thursday, January 19, 2012

J. and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I wasn't in the mood to play around when the boys walked into my room on Tuesday morning. I let them know that if they felt like actin' a fool, I'd be promptly escorting them down to the 6th grade hallway, where they could spend the rest of the day. (This was mostly because those were the only teachers that would agree to take them, but I may or may not have made it sound like it was the principal's idea.)

At the thought of having to suffer the humiliation of sitting with lowly 6th graders, T. decided he was going to become a model student. He sat still. He said yes ma'am. He even helped another student by leaning over and whispering "Hey man, when you talk like that we can't learn. C'mon, man!" He refilled my water cup and swept the floor. All in all, he made me wonder why I hadn't thought to threaten them with this way back in September.

J., on the other hand, decided to go in the opposite direction. To him, the best course of action would be to put his head down on his desk and play dead. He didn't respond to any of my questions, redirections, or threats.

Oh, we're so now we're playing that game? Honey, I invented that game. Now sit and watch while I call your mom. Rude.

He was less than pleased with me, and decided to walk out of the classroom. When I caught up with him in the hallway, he informed me that I was "getting on his f**king nerves."

Yeah...he got sent home for 5 days.

I wish I could say that I was upset about it, but I'm actually really jealous. He's been getting on my f**king nerves since August, and I'm the one who NEEDS a 5 day vacation. From now on, students who yell obscenities at their teacher should have to stay in school while their teacher gets a spa vacay.

Needless to say, T. and I are having a very quiet week. And my floor has never been cleaner.


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