Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Most Boring Season of the Bachelor Ever?


Front Row: Boring, Boring, and More Boring
Middle/Back: Boring, Boring...You Get the Picture
I panicked when our power mysteriously went off for about an hour last night because I was going to miss The Bachelor, and now I sort of wish it'd just stayed off. For realz though. (Minus the fact I may have frozen to death. Minor detail.)

This was the most underwhelmed I've ever been by a Bachelor premiere, and it's not just because Ben's the tall, silent type. It seems like they've even run out of fun mean girls to cast. Where's my Michelle from Brad's season? At least she was hot. Wonk wonk. 

Since obviously we watch The Bachelor to which girls we love and which we hate, I was less than impressed. Had I not been chugging a bottle of $3 wine grading papers, I'm pretty sure I would have just turned it off altogether. 

What did you think of the premiere? Will you keep watching? Were you as bored as I was? 


Shae said...

Yes, it may be the most boring season of the Bachelor, and here's why. Boring Ben. He's so incredibly lame and tame and undeserving of the show it makes me crazy. I actually fast forward through the parts where he and Chris discuss his slow journey to ultimate wah wah Ben-ness.

The problem with ABC is that they've conditioned us to only respond to the contestants and forget how awful the actual person is. Also, it's become so inbred that yes, they are out of hot/looney tune chicks and are just down to boring/looney tunes or old/bi-curious chicks.

For funsies, let's take a look back in time of previous Batches and who should have been there, shall we? Ashley - quite possibly the least (rightfully so) confident and yet shallow Bachelorette. Better choice: one of the Chantals (take your pick of the creepy undertaker or the family big girl Chan).

Brad was great simply because he was so slow it made for excellent TV and because it was his second time around (instant classic).

Ali's season was one of my favorites for many reasons: ROBERTO, the runaway Rated R, Casey "guard and protect your heart," and the much forgotten Chris L. He should really be the next Bachelor, he's just like Ben but much hotter and less yawn. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Ben is great in real life but "Down to Earth" in TV speak means I'll take a nap while you talk to Harrison.

Back to my list. Jake Pavelka, no words. One of the best seasons. Fantastic fights, really qualified ladies, terrible final choice, public breakup/brawl. Jillian's was one of my first true seasons engulfing myself in Bachelordom, so I loved it, she's spunky, funny, and was one of the first to be blind to the people who were "there for all the wrong reasons" (Wes the country star)

To conclude, I think ABC is brilliant because no matter what, if we love it or if we hate it, we will continue to watch and comment on blogs 5 years later. Because let's be honest, it's not about finding true love. Even well adjusted Ali and Roberto couldn't make it work, so it really has to be about the entertainment factor. Love you, Ens!

sSe said...

This season of the bachelor is only as good the actual bachelor, but unfortunately Ben is one wet blanket. He's simply too polite to make for good television or at least stir up some drama. Unfortunately the ladies aren't much better. With the exception of sob sister Jenna and possible lesbian (?!?) Monica none of the girls seem to have any personality. Hopefully the season gets better, but I'm not expecting too much from this mildmannered winemaker.

Christina said...

I'm sucked in! most of the girls suck though. I think I only like one.

Miss T said...

correct me if Im wrong - we are still catching kangaroos to work here as far as TV is concerned, but isnt that bachelor they guy that got un-chosen on the last bachelorette?

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