Monday, January 30, 2012

Stay-cation Time

Being the thoughtful, conscientious, and wise decision-maker that I am, I left my phone at work on Friday.

As in: I realized that it was still sitting on my desk only after I pulled into my driveway that's a mere 20 miles down the road. Obviously, I was not going back for it. Sigh. How would I possibly keep up with my fast-paced social life without any contact with the outside world?

Turns out, living in a small town without a cell phone is pretty much just like living in a small town with a cell phone. Who knew? (I'm guessing everyone but me.)

And actually? It's the best thing I could have done for myself. Living with two other roommates, carpooling daily, and teaching delightful middle schoolers basically means I'm never alone. This weekend, it just so happened that both of my roommates were out of town. Unless I wanted to get in the car and drive 30 minutes to a friend's house, I had no way of making plans or getting in touch with anyone.

I'm a social animal, but I also crave alone time to recharge my batteries after a long week.  It was amazing to spend a few blissful hours in total solitude. I read the stack of magazines that's been piling up on my coffee table, watched far too much HGTV (if that's even possible), and went for a 4 mile walk. I read blogs, wrote lesson plans, and watched a documentary on Netflix. The best part? I didn't answer to or interact with anyone. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, for as long as I wanted.

And it? Was awesome.

On another note, does this mean I'm becoming a hermit? Please say no.


Lacey said...

It sounds awesome! Crazy how dependent we get on those silly things that didn't even exist not too long ago.

One of the things on my goal list is to spend a full 24 hours without my phone/internet, and I have STRUGGLED to find a day to do this. I even tried on vacation and failed. But you've inspired me. I'm doing this ASAP! :)

Shae Majors said...

I L-O-V-E me some alone time!!!!! I call it Shannon time because if I don't get at least an hour of it a day, I can be a total you know what :)

Funny how life has a way of working it self leaving your phone at school and all! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered!!!

Shae Majors said...

and no you are totally not a hermit! You're definitely much wiser than the rest of us! Gosh I miss YOU! Single Shannon needs her haughty back!

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