Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Yogi Goes To Kickboxing

After three days of utter isolation ice and snow, my roommate's dear mother took pity and offered to come pick us up and take us to the Y for a kickboxing class. (I still had to Find My Zen, because I was seized by utter panic at the thought that icy roads = certain death.) 

Now, ever since finals ended in December, my exercise has pretty much consisted of power yoga (especially Body by Bethenny, below) and walking (while listening to audio books and podcasts). And what do you know? I've lost 9 lbs and counting! (Well, that was before the three snow days in which I made every attempt to fatten up for the winter.)

Find It Here!
But today I needed to get off the couch and I figured a good kickboxing class would help to offset the effects of 72 hours of power eating.

That's me on the left...not.
When we first arrived, our instructor described the class as a mix between kickboxing and a hip-hop dance class. Red flag! I can kick and punch all day, but add some fancy (or not so fancy) footwork and I stand there, lost and entranced by what the instructor is doing. Not really the best way to burn calories.

Actually, the choreography wasn't too difficult, I'm just lazy. There's only so many times someone can shout "HIGH KNEES! GET.THEM.UP.THERE!" Before I get tired, cross my arms and start to pout. I missed Bethenny, making fun of herself and telling us she was going to "call India" because humble warrior is more accurately described as "boob to knee pose".

Plus, kickboxing is just more fun when you have an ex-boyfriend's face in mind to really give that uppercut some power. Unfortunately for my martial arts skills, I'm pretty Zen in that area right now as well.

So, considering I'm exhausted, hungry, and slightly dehydrated, I think I'll leave the kickboxing for those girls next to me that were doing jumping jacks like 5 feet in the air. (Seriously, though, how does anyone jump that high? It's not normal. Their butts jiggled a lot though, which gave me some small satisfaction.) I'll take some Bethanny or a walk to Freedom Park any day of the week. Namaste to that! 


Jamie said...

Oh is Body by Bethenny that good? I need to try it...

Kickboxing SCARES ME!

Haughty by Nature said...

I would DEFINITELY recommend to add to your home DVD collection. It seems to be a really great workout (scientifically based on the fact that it makes me sweat and I'm sore the next day) and Bethenny is hilarious and makes fun of the skinny string bean yoga instructor that does the video with her.

Allison @ Happy Tales said...

Ohh I want to try this Body By Bethanny you speak of!!

And which Y did you go to?!!? Ahhh I want a workout buddy at the Y! Or a walk-to-Freedom Park buddy (which, btw, I live like literally a 5 minute walk from that park..) Are you in the Dilworth area?!

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