Monday, January 10, 2011

Paging Mr. Mizrahi

Since this is my first snow day since the first grade (hello? I'm from F-L-O-R-I-D-A. We hunker down when it rains), I'm trying to think of creative things to to. First on my list: peruse my bookshelf for all the bargain finds I've collected but never cracked open. (I mean, first on my list after, uh, balancing my checkbook and ending world hunger. Obviously.)

First up: Isaac Mizrahi's How to Have Style.

Which could be alternatively titled: "Ensley, You Have a Lot of Shopping To Do" or "How On Earth Do You Ever Leave the House?"

Though I guess some things don't really apply to me, like "finding the right heels for work". Until they make heels that 1) don't hurt and 2) can magically levitate, hovercraft-style, over 24 backpacks and jackets strewn over the floor at dismissal time, I'll stick to flats.

I was happy to note that I did have some of the items he featured in the "What You Need" section, like, um, black pants and a tote bag. (Maybe I shouldn't have hastily spent my Christmas gift cards on Sex and the City seasons after all...oops.) However, Isaac does recommend that we all have an "aspirational" handbag, which is no problem for me!

I would happily take this one:

Or this one:
Balenciaga "City" Bag
Buuuut, for their $1500 or so retail price, I'd rather someone just pay my rent for four months. Ka-ching!

He also lists various pieces of costume jewelry every stylish woman should have, but fails to mention what to do if all of your jewelry could be considered "costume".

The biggest thing that I took away from this book was the need for an inspiration board:
Isaac's inspiration board
I've been wanting to make one for months now, but am too lazy busy to hunt down and buy a cork board and cute frame. Of course, now I'm all inspired, but scared to leave my house for fear of freezing to death or becoming one of the characters in an Annie Proulx short story. So, here's hoping that I'll be inspired to...inspire myself. And buy more (cute) clothes.  Maybe this day won't be so unproductive after all. (Though I still have laundry and creating world peace on my to-do list.)


Every Little Thing said...

What woman doesn't have an "aspirational" bag?! haha

I bought a board in order to make an inspiration board but...I don't ever put anything up there haha. It's a nice board though!

Haughty by Nature said...

The hard thing is deciding on ONE aspirational bag! And as for your inspiration board, just tell yourself you're being open-minded!

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