Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Snow Day Wish List

1.I wish it was sunny.
2.I wish it was warm.

Things I Could Have Done Today:
1. Jillian Micheal's Yoga Meltdown
2. Finished my book
3. Started a new book
4. Dusted
5. Vacuumed
6. Watched a movie
7. Caught up on phone calls
8. Written my thank you notes

Things I Have Actually Done Today
1. Eaten the entire contents of my fridge
2. Eaten the entire contents of my pantry
2. Consumed half a pot of coffee
3. Fallen asleep watching HGTV (probably due to the overfeeding and caffeine crash)
4. Facebook stalked people I haven't seen since freshman year. Of high school.
5. Made a FB fan page for this ol' blog (ok, so maybe that was semi-productive)
6. Perused a Vogue from August 2010 (why is this still in our living room?)

Being from Florida and all, I'm just not used to snow days. We used to get the occasional day off for hurricanes, but they weren't that relaxing seeing as how we were afraid for our lives and all. (What? You never know when a tree might just crash through the roof!)

So...I'm thinking I may have reached a point in which I'm willing to go out in the snow just so my muscles don't atrophy. Thank goodness I have a roommate, or I would feel like one of those people who doesn't see sunshine for 80 years and has back issues of National Geographic piled up to the ceiling in every room of the house.

But then again...this four day weekend is something I could definitely get used to. What are you all doing if you're stuck inside like me?


Every Little Thing said...

I got a snow day today too. Well, a "work from home" day, so basically the same thing.

Things I could have done:
1. Filed all my papers
2. Three loads of laundry
3. Read one of the many books waiting to be read
4. Watched a thought-provoking documentary
5. Yoga
6. Brought the empty trash can back from the street
7. Made a wonderful lunch full of grains and greens

What I Did Today:
1. Read a lot of blogs
2. Blogged
3. Read more blogs
4. Did some emailing for work :O
5. Did two loads of laundry :O
6. Bought lunch from a local market
7. Spent $20 I wasn't planning to spend at Target
8. Got my Illinois license from the DMV :O
9. Read more blogs

All in all, not bad. The :O represents functional snow day activities.


Adrienne said...

You are so funny....I don't think snow days are meant to be too productive, right?
I'm going to look for your FB page right now....

Sarah said...

I ate and ate and then worked out to a zumba dvd because the biggest loser comes on tonight and I needed to feel healthy! I'm pretty sure my students have forgotten what school is like....I might have forgotten too. These snow days are killing me!

Allison @ Happy Tales said...

Hey Doll! totally love what you did today... wish I could have had a day like that!

PS! I nominated you for The Stylish Blogger Award. Check it out... http://happytalesblog.com/2011/01/11/stylish-blogger-award/

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