Friday, June 15, 2012

You, Me, and a little TLC

Drum roll, please.

Thanks to my darling friend Caroline secretly applying for all of her bridesmaid to appear on the show, I'm headed to Atlanta this weekend to film.....

Fo real.

This Monday the 18th, I'll join Caroline and her ten (yes, ten) other bridesmaids at 8am, hair and makeup ready for the cameras. (Hopefully they'll have some sort of coffee IV I can inject directly into my veins. Hopefully.) I'm pretty sure I'll be one of the 'maids trying on dresses, especially since that pretty much guarantees some face time on TV. (I mean, if I'm making the 9+ hr drive, it needs to be worth it, right? Right?!?!)

Get your autographs now, people. I'm seeing this going straight to my head.


Sarah Morgan Thompson said...

How fun! I saw some Facebook posts from some of the other 'maids'. Hope y'all had fun!

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