Friday, June 22, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress Pt. 2

After our traumatic long day of filming Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, we decided to rejuvenate ourselves via margaritas and tortilla chips before heading back to Bridals by Lori so that Caroline (the bride) could try on some dresses for herself. (Semi-important for the bride to have a dress? I like to think so.)

It just so happened that we also got to celebrate my boo Ashley's birthday: 
Sombrero and beer at 3pm? Same as any other day.
Despite the hope that they had gotten rid of us entirely, the consultants at Bridals by Lori were nice enough to let us come back without an appointment. (Robin was at the front desk when we walked in. Die. Die. Die.)

As fate would have it, Flo herself was our consultant. Despite how cranky I was, this made me super excited. (Seriously, those hot camera lights + knowing you are going to have to go into exile once the shows airs is seriously draining.)
My hair says everything about my current state: tired, raggedy, and just all around bad.
You want what now?
She was extremely patient with us, considering we were full of tequila dead tired and a little loopy. 

Case in point:
Cameras are off, but she's still working it. 

Checking out the bling-bling
It was waaaaay more fun to watch Caroline try on dresses than to:
1) be compared to a pregnant person while trying on dresses of your own (oh happened), and
2) stand under hot stage lights while sweat slowly beads on your upper lip

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures while she tried on a lot of gorgeoussss gowns for ordering reasons. (And you know we ain't about to argue with Flo.) 

There was one AMAZING dress that made all of us (including mom!) tear up when she came out in it. Flo even jacked her up, resulting in more tears. Who would have thought a bunch of tulle and a beaded belt could cause that reaction? Go figure. 

She didn't end up saying yes to the dress, wisely deciding that a decision like buying your wedding gown shouldn't be made after a day as long as our. ( that point we'd been in the salon for like 10 hours.)

Caroline & Flo...BFFL? 
Verdict? Longest day of my life, but at least I wasn't at work. Oh, and I definitely need to convince Mommy and Daddy to budget a lot for my non-existent future bridal gown so that I can buy it at Bridals by Lori. Crossover show anyone? 


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