Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Got the (Spring Break) Blues

Ugh. Spring Break is overrrrrr.

And, along with it, any reason for living.

Overdramatic? Duh. (Did you read the title of this blog?) But you would be too if you'd just spent an a-MAH-zing week that involved lots of wine-soaked Bravo and Food Network viewing, 6 mile walks around the Greenway in Charlotte, and lazy days on the beach in Sullivan's Island.

In tequila-laden bliss on Sullivan's
Overall, I'd forgotten how good it feels to:
1) wake up after 5:30 am everyday (aka I can actually stay up and watch Real Housewives instead of recording it....it's the little things people. The little things.)
2) have something to talk about other than teaching (books! movies! Real Housewives!)
3) go where I want, when I want to. (Because there's more than 5,000 people in the 20 mile radius.)

We hit the town in Charleston Saturday night, in which I felt like a socialite due to the sheer fact that I stayed up until 3 am. 
At Squeeze in Charleston

Ignore my devil eyes and focus on my new LILLLY DRESSSS! 
Sigh. It's not work that I dread coming back to. It's the fact that my days of popping into Barnes and Noble, wandering through the aisles in Earth Fare, and meeting up with peeps for happy hour are effectively over.

I need my social life back.

You would too if you came back to this view:
View from my classroom. Wonk wonk wonk.
Very similar to the one I used to have from Hearst Tower in New York: 

Any advice on how to power through the next 6 1/2 weeks until summer?


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