Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Haughty Reads: What Would Jackie Do?

If Jackie O. had written a blog, I'd like to think that she would have called it Haughty by Nature. 

But then again, I also like to think that I'll marry rich and have a summer home in Nantucket. Thus, dreams don't always mesh with reality. 

I picked up a copy of What Would Jackie Do? on the (gasp!) bargain shelf, and for weeks let it lull me to sleep each night with dreams of Camelot and custom made Oleg Cassini dresses. 

Sigh. I was SO meant to have a trust fund. 

While their are plenty of books about beloved style icons-Audrey, Jackie, Marilyn, this one is wonderfully organized and chock full of intimate (in a good way) information from many of Jackie's nearest and dearest. It reads like a gentle how-to guide for us middle class plebeians to learn to dress, work, and evoke a certain patrician essence. 

Bottom line: Could be the best $4.99 I've ever spent. Because while I may not be decorating my Upper East Side pad or jetting off to Martha's Vineyard, I can still carry myself with the grace and style of Jackie, in clearance j. crew pants that would have made her proud. (Apparently, Jackie loved a bargain.)

And if nothing else, I still have a chance to marry a "Man of Consequence", which might be just what I need to take care of that little UES/Martha's Vineyard real estate problem. 


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