Friday, April 20, 2012


A snippet of conversation from my classroom yesterday:

Me: Hey, 8th grade? I know you guys keep saying things like "when we gonna get on up outta here" and "why do we have to do this stuff when we already know it" and "why this class gotta be SO BORRRRING", but that's rude. And, according to your predicted End of Grade test scores, you DON'T know this. So zip it.

My (one) girl in the 8th grade class: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I hate it when teachers be doing that trying to make us all feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel bad I mean why they gotta be saying stuff like that it's rude I ain't do nothing to you you gotta turn on me like that I mean I'm just saying you say something to me Imma say something back. It's. RUUDE. 

Me: Um, first of all, take a breath, since I'm pretty sure that was all one sentence. Second of all, the truth hurts.


Did I mention we have a 2 hour fog delay this morning. That means school doesn't start until 9:30. I equate this with the clouds parting slightly, the lights of heaven shining down upon me, and hearing God's booming voice gently say "GREETINGS YOU WHO ARE HIGHLY FAVORED". If you don't understand why, re read the top of this blog.

(Very) Happy Friday!


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