Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Gowns 2011: Fierce or Fug?

I have to confess: it's been a very, very long time since I watched the Oscars. (Probably because I spend my movie money on total crap vs. deep, Academy-worth fare.) After last night, I remember why: Awards shows are long. The jokes are cheesy. And they make me feel inadequate.

Well, slightly inadequate. It's hard not to look at the priceless gowns, glittering jewelry, and glamorous hair and makeup without feeling...gross. Especially when I compare it to my closet full of Target clothes, Forever 21 jewelry, and hair that hasn't gotten a trim since 2010.

Then there are goddesses like this:

Michelle Williams

I mean, hello? One of the E! commentators called her a "blond Audrey Hepburn", and I have to agree. Verdict? Fierce. And my #1 pick of the night.

Mila Kunis
Hello, bubbies! All I can say is, she looks hot, and it was pretty obvious Justin Timberlake thought so too. Verdict? Fierce.

Mandy Moore

At first, I wasn't sure why Mandy Moore was at the Oscars (don't get me wrong, I love her!), but then realized that not only did she have an amazing dress, she was nominated for Best Original Song. Seriously Mandy? You. Look. Fierce. 

Anne Hathaway

It wasn't so much that Anne's dress was fug, but it wasn't fierce either. To sum it up: too safe. 

Jennifer Hudson
Does anyone else find her bubbies distracting? They seem abnormally high, lopsided, and too small to be peeking out like that. I wish a lot  little more had been left to the imagination. Love the color though. Verdict? Fug.

Sharon Stone

I may have nightmares about this one. First of all, why was Sharon Stone AT the Oscars? Also, why does she look so miserable? Extreme hair, extreme dress, extreme makeup...extremely fug. 

Marisa Tomei

Seriously...what the hell is going on below her hips here. Fug.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale's wife looks beautiful, but what's with his beard? Is it just me, or does it make his head look 8 times bigger than his body? He looks like a freakin' bobble head doll. Fug. 

Now, I loved Reece's look, 

Reece Witherspoon

but wasn't it a little to close to Julia's look in 2001? 

I know that was 10 years ago at this point, but still. Good thing it's Reece: I'll still vote for fierce. 

Amy Adams might have had the most controversial gown of the night, with people saying things like "oh, Amy! No one looks good in a cap sleeve!". I have to deny this as false, based on the fact that Amy Adams looks good in a cap sleeve. I appreciate that she took a risk, and love the deep blue gown with emerald jewelry. And I liked the necklace. Better fierce than boring! Verdict: totally fierce. 

Well...what are YOUR favorite/fug pics from the night? How did you feel about the ceremony itself?


Adrienne said...

I agree with you on all of them, except J-Hud was my personal favorite and Amy Adams a close second.
You're right - J's cleavage was distracting, I wished they could have been tucked in a bit more, but I love halter dresses and that orange/red color was so brilliant!

And Michelle W. looked nearly perfect. I don't usually care for the Rosemary's Baby haircut, but it really does something to her face, especially her eyes.

Anonymous said...

I thought Mila Kunis looked terrific! That's how you do bubbies...take note J-Hud.
Cate Blanchette scared me though

Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

AGREED. Mila Kunis stole the show in her cute little whimsical purple number. love!

Hines-Sight said...

Jennifer has accomplished a lot...figurewise from Idol days. I thought she looked good in that dress, but I agree about the cleavage.

The Preppy Princess said...

What great comments Miss Haughty! I love them all, and agree with almost every single one, especially the Jennifer Hudson one, such a shame when she is looking so amazing.

Sending you a smile,

Ensley said...

Thanks for all these great comments everyone! I'm glad we are all unanimous about the J Hud Cleavage of 2011. I mean...don't they have double sided tape for those puppies?

Kristen said...

HAUGHTY! You should know that Rachel Zoe styled Anne Hathaway. By default, all of Anne's outfits were simply, beyond. I DIE!


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