Monday, February 7, 2011

12 Trends We'd Like to See

My friend Ashley recently sent me this great article via Facebook (thanks Ashley!). At the end was a section called "12 Trends We'd Like to See", and I agreed with every one. See if you do the same:

12 Trends We’d Like to See
“Pull up your pants,” “pay it forward,” and please—please!—”put shopping carts back where they belong.” When we asked readers what fads they look forward to, those topped the list. But they didn’t stop there:
1. Say “You’re welcome” instead of “No problem,” which implies it might have been a problem. -Patricia B., Channahon, Illinois
2. A universal hand signal for poor drivers that means “Sorry, I’m an idiot.”? -Laura M., St. Louis, Missouri
3. An understanding among voters that a negative political ad will disqualify that candidate. -Doug M., Tupelo, Mississippi
4. Allow pro golfers to wear shorts in PGA tournaments. -David G., Moline, Illinois
5. Subject-verb agreement. -Judy G., Atlanta, Georgia
6. More random acts of kindness. -Ken L., Discovery Bay, California
7. People getting along as well as dogs do at the dog park. -Bryant H., Huntsville, Alabama
8. Rather than focus on salary, let’s focus on what one brings to society. -Jerome D., Carlisle, Pennsylvania
9. More inviting, user-friendly porches. -Dr. Bob L., Ogdensburg, New York
10. Less Facebook, more face time. Cherish the people, not their personal Internet accounts. -Mercy S., Binghamton, New York
11. People discussing topics other than sports and home renovations. Something—anything!—deeper than scores and drywall. -Gina B., Joppa, Maryland
12. I just want my cat to stop stepping on my head while I’m trying to sleep. -Eileen E., Fieldsboro, New Jersey
From Reader's Digest October 2010
What are some trends that you would like to see, dear reader?


Every Little Thing said...

I like the one about focusing on what one brings to society rather than salary. I make probably half of what I could make in business or marketing but I LOVE being a social worker! I actually often get looks of pity when I tell people what I do. Ridic!

Adrienne said...

Interesting list. I would add: more handwritten thank you notes, instead of thank you emails and a nationwide ban on plastic grocery bags - that's my two cents!

Happy Monday!


Alyssa @ Life of bLyss said...

ahh, I love the universal hand signal for "sorry, I'm an idiot!"

more face time is a must.

and if I could add anything, it'd be "create a sarcasm font."


Victoria said...

Ugh, yes - "you're welcome" is definitely needed! And perhaps we need a yearly driver's test? It could be a little device that tracks your daily driving - not your perfect driver's test moves. That would cut down on those needing a hand gesture to excuse themselves!!

Bayou Baby said...

So first off, um - YUM! That dinner looks great. I also wanted to let you know that our family experimented with a full week of vegetarian food last week (good for the adults, kids were not so happy). My favorite thing from the week was a stew I made up just by looking in my fridge. First I roasted a bunch of root veggies - parsnips, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and carrots. Then I sauteed a BUNCH of onion and garlic (like 9 cloves) and green pepper in olive oil and added about 2 tbsp italian spices like rosemary, oreganno, marjoram and thyme (gotta have the thyme. When it was translucent I added some leftover tomato juice from the fridge and some water and some chayote squash and brought the whole thing to a simmer until the squash was tender. Then I added the roasted veggies and some chickpeas from a can and some almond milk and YUMMY. Really, it was the best thing I have eaten all month.


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