Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cowboy Lemonade

 I may suck at cooking, (and by “suck” I mean that Ethiopians would probably pass on whatever it is that I’m making), but there is one thing I’m skilled at concocting: cocktails. During a recent weekend getaway to Clemson, my dear friend Katie introduced me to a delish new concoction called Cowboy Lemonade. I find the name misleading, because I've never met a cowboy who drank Bud Light Lime. Then again, I've never met a cowboy. 

Here goes:
1 12 oz can frozen lemonade
2 can of light beer-Bud Light Lime works well here
A pitcher to mix all of this deliciousness

Empty contents of frozen lemonade into a pitcher. Fill empty lemonade can once with water, add to pitcher. Fill with vodka, add to pitcher. Crack open your ice cold Bud Lights, add to pitcher. Stir contents of pitcher. Drink contents of pitcher while hunting for a tailgate with awesome food.

Which we found:
Happy Gameday!


Paige said...

yum! this reminds me of summer!

Fabulously Awkward said...

This recipe makes me think of good. And so potent!

Ensley said...

I should put a disclaimer on this post, since I decided to sample my own recipe last night and ended up spending the entire day today in recovery. It was just SO delicious!

Legally Married said...

I'm going to have to try this. I used to drink Crystal Light, water and vodka in my younger (read: college days) but this will be perfect for our next gameday get together! :)

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