Saturday, May 8, 2010

Real Housewives of New York: In Ten Words or Less

Let's face it: this season of RHONY has lost it's...whatever it had before that made it so awesome. Gone are days spent lounging in the Hamptons with witty one liners by Bethanny. In their place is a never ending cat fight regarding things that happened last season. I think I may have fallen asleep during this episode for a minute or two and woken up when a commercial came on.  Nonetheless, I remain a devoted follower. At least we have Sonja now to breathe in some new life. In ten words or less, here's my review of this week's episode:

Jill: Not buying your book since you make someone cry every episode. (Ok that was 11 words. Nobody's perfect.) 

Luann: Croate = most horrible looking man I've ever seen. Up chuck. 

Bethanny: Maybe next time save the crying for off-camera. 

Ramona: Your eyes only popped once! 

Alex: Get it girl!  

Kelly: Wow, that speech at the Gotham party. Pulitzer worthy. Not.

Sonja: You get better and better every episode.  


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