Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Better Than Uppers

Between the pee pee pants, temper tantrums, booger picking, and other joys of spending my days with 5 year olds,  I was in desperate need of a pick-me-up last week. Instead of crackin' open a cold one (or six), I did what any good little WASP in need of a high does: I found something to monogram. The culprits: my new $5 blue and brown bath towels from Target (what? I'm a t-e-a-c-h-e-r) and L&M Monogramming here in Charlotte. 

Can you tell I was a photography major? Not from this picture. At.All.

Not only was it only $14 per set of towels to be monogrammed, they had them ready 


And don't they look pretty? I mean, they would look prettier if they
1) Weren't sitting on my bathroom floor in this photo
2) Hadn't had their picture taken with my blurry phone

But none of that is their fault. 

I can't even tell you what a difference this made in my mood. (You may call this "pathetic" but I would just call you "jealous". Did you see the picture of how cute they are?) Every time I walk into my bathroom I stare at them lovingly, making sure the precious monogram is perfectly straight and centered. (See: cat lady.)

Not only that-I'm somehow more patient with the 5 year olds at work, picking my battles and using softer tones of voice. (FYI, telling a child to "zip your freaking lips" doesn't really sound nice no matter what tone you use. Live and learn.) I even let them have a Taylor Swift dance party this afternoon. Very un-Montessori. Very necessary for my sanity.

Must be the magic of the monogram. 

Or the gallon of Chardonnay I suck down when I get home from work. 

P.S. Apparently bright blue and chocolate brown is good feng shui. Perhaps listening to 5 year old tattletales all day negates the positive effects of feng shui, since I feel neither balanced nor calm. Hmmm.


BriteGirl said...

Isn't every elementary school teacher a target-shopping, monogram-obsessed, closet chardonnay lover??? Lovveee the teacher angle ;)

Eldridge said...

How was I not invited to said Taylor Swift dance party?? Clearly, we would have talked about your feelin's while dancing with the babies!

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