Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mental Health Checklist

While taking a sick day for my mental health, among other things (like a stomach bug), I have a few things I need to accomplish. Unfortunately I'm easily distracted by early morning talk shows, Google, and basically anything that hinders productivity.

Things I Should Do
 Sleep in
 Return library books
 Pay overdue fines for aforementioned library books
Make phone calls
Begin reading “Pillars of the Earth” for book club
Walk Amelia

Things I Will Actually Do
   Wake up at 6:45 and not be able to go back to sleep
 Watch my Tivo-ed Real Housewives of New Jersey
     Shop online 
 Browse from 9:28-10:07 am
 Read People 
Drink a beer with lunch
     Take a nap
Make Amelia watch four hours of The Dog Whisperer with me


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