Friday, March 16, 2012

What's Happening In This Photo?

Ahem. While making my j. crew wish list for my upcoming 26th birthday, I stumbled upon their swimsuit catalog. Usually I love j.crew's catalog photos, but the ones recently have been a little, well, strange. Since I live in a small town and have no life, I did the hard work for you and told you what the models are thinking. 

"Mmm...yes. What's better than lying on the sharp edges of splintery wooden steps as I stare directly into the sun? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing."

ROCKS! Nothing says "glam vacay" like finding an uninhabited rock to ruin your $100 bathing suit on. Am I right?

Water? No, there's no water within 50 miles. But I like to scare myself by getting 98% naked and standing as close to cacti as possible. What's life without a little adventure? I'm sooooo crazy!

What do YOU think the models are thinking?


Christina said...

The first girl looks annoyed with life,and the last girl looks like she has no brains.

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