Monday, March 12, 2012

Haughty Book Club: Jane Green's The Beach House

Um...can we say "page turner"? I've had a tough time recently finding a book that I just can't put down, until I picked up The Beach House. It's a book that I've been mentally telling myself to read for years, and finally picked it up at the library this week.

Set in a summer in Nantucket, Green's writing is so vivid you can practically smell the salt air and feel the sand beneath your feet. Anyone want to loan me their summer house? (Anyone? Anyone?) There were a few cheesy twists and turns, but Green's character development and intertwining of story lines made it impossible to put down.

I literally finished this in a weekend, squeezing chapters in between loads of laundry, walks with my aunt, and trips to the hardware store.


What have you read lately that you just can't put down?


Lacey said...

I read Room this weekend and was so into it I may have ignored my child for spurts of time. She's fine, don't worry!

Adding this one to my list. Thanks!

Christina said...

I definitely want to check this out. Thanks for the rec! I read a couple of JG's books a while back and loved them!

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

I've been looking for a new book to read. I have a hard time finding something that will keep my attention sometimes. Thanks for the recommendation.

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