Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things to Do on Solo Car Trips got me.

I did, however pick up the audio version of Mary Kay Andrews' Savannah Breeze for my solo ride to D.C. this past weekend.

I'd always passed over her books, (thinking they were trashy chick lit) until my cousin Royar told me I had, had, HAD (she's very demanding) to read some of her stuff. 

The verdict? I loved it. Yes, it was like a bubble bath for my brain, but for four solid hours I didn't think about school, my students, or the nasty hangover I was still nursing 6 hours into my car ride. 

Have you read any Mary Kay Andrews? What are your favorites? 


Royar said...

Glad you took my advice. Now read The Fixer Upper and Hissy Fit and thank me even more. XO

Haughty by Nature said...

The library didn't have them on audio book! I'm a woman on the go you know...

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