Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DSU: Home of the Fighting Okra

For our accommodations at summer training Institute, TFA has kindly put us up in awesome dorms at good ol' Delta State University, home of the....Fighting Okra.

This is not a joke. 
SEC loyalty or no SEC loyalty, this. mascot. is. awesome. I'm not really sure what a vegetable wearing boxing gloves is supposed to do exactly, but all I know is I want every sort of memorabilia they have in the bookstore. (Send me your address, you might just get a Fighting Okra shotglass...I mean toothpick holder. It's a dry campus.)

Oh yeah. Mmmhmm.
And seriously? The dorms rooms we're staying in are the nicest I've ever been in. Not only are they brand new, but every room has it's own bathroom. Now this? Is much more my style. Besides, 25 is way too old to have to wear flip flops in a shower. (Actually, any age is. That's just straight up nasty.)

An older woman stopped me in Wal-Mart yesterday and thanked us ("us" being TFA) for being here this summer. She was so sweet, so I tried to get in real good with her (aka suck up) and told her I was a fellow Southerner from North Carolina, to which she replied "That's not the South in my book."

Errr, what "book" are you referring to? Is there a book called "Sort-of Southern States vs. Really Southern States?" The fact that we are having this conversation in Wal-Mart is enough to qualify us both as Southerners.

So what qualifies a Southern state as being "really Southern"? I need help here.

And while you're pondering, check out The Preppy Vegan for my foodie adventures down in the Delta.


Kate Spears said...

I just had a similar convo w/ my southern beau about this very subject. He was lamenting our great state of TN not being considered the "deep south" but N. Carolina counts as south to me. Ever read a Southern Belle Primer? There's a whole chapter on this very thing...that you could be southern, but just not southern enough ;)

Christina said...

fighting okra? that's hilarious. i'm jealous of your new ID card though.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

everything about this post makes my day. Fighting okra. WTF?? and I have a friend at work who is from Louisiana and he always say we aren't from the south, but I TOTALLY think NC is the south. I mean what's that famous quote that Hank Williams jr. says about sending all girls to NC to learn how to have a good accent...

Adrienne Shubin said...

Maybe it was the word "North" in North Carolina that threw her off....I was born in NC and am proud of my southern roots. Southern, not northern.

FIghting okra - so scary!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Are you kidding me? It is the fighting Okra? I'm usually good with mascots, but somehow I have missed the okra. That is funny.

Interesting on the south. I will tell you now that my northern friends think I'm definitely southern. Weird woman. Weird.

Lynne said...

Oh please please please keep blogging about your training experience. I am in tears - it was the line about the fact that the conversation was taking place in a Wal-Mart was a clear indication you were both Southerners that sent me over the edge.

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