Monday, December 27, 2010

The Art of the Christmas List

My parents ask me for a Christmas list every November or so. Since I have an annoying habit of buying what I want for myself during the rest of the year, they do this not only to get a general idea of my wishes, but to make sure they don't buy me something that I already have. Nice, right?

I give a lot of thought to this Christmas List. I ponder what I want but wouldn't buy for myself (my favorite kinds of gifts). I write. I whittle down. I ask myself, "if I were to only get one thing, what would it be?". I erase. I rework. And, in the end, I hand my parents a compilation of presents that I would be happy to receive.

And then I'm pretty sure my mom takes one look at it, cackles, and hosts some sort of ceremonial burning involving a lighter and a trash can.

For example. I tell her that I like DVDs but never think to buy them. I ask for Sex and the City 2, Eat Pray Love, and Julie & Julia, which are some of my favorites from this year that I know I'll watch over and over again.

Apparently, this translates to "Buy me any DVD, ever. Especially ones that you find in the bargain bin."

For example: One of the fine films I received this Christmas was Wicker Park. You know, that movie no one ever saw with Josh Harnett? Well, it's now part of my collection if you are ever interested in taking it watching it!

Don't get me wrong. I love my mom AND most of the presents she gets me. I totally understand her thought process on this one. It probably goes something like this: Josh Hartnett=hot young actor+this movie is on sale for $2.99=totally perfect for Ensley! It does make me smile to think about it.

And in the end, I also got Sex and the City 2, which is the movie I really wanted, and a gift certificate to Forever 21, which falls into the just-right category of "things I want but wouldn't buy for myself".

What about you lovely readers? Any humorous additions to your Christmas lists? Hits and misses?


Jamie said...

My mom bought me, among other things, Shape Ups (the shoes). She thought they were ha-ha funny, but I had secretly wanted to try them for months. I freaking love them and won't take them off. Joke's on her!

Erin said...

I got an invitation by my grandmother to "go ahead a price out artificial insemination because she said that i don't need a man / will never find one." verbatim. beat. that.

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