Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Big Fat Deal

I apologize (to all five of you who read this blog) for the serious lack of posts the past month, but grad school has been killing me. (Read: I have bad time management skills.)

Plus, I've been dating a lot recently. (By "a lot" I mean "a number higher than zero".) 
The energy it takes to constantly 
1) look cute and 
2) make witty conversation
is waaaay more than you would think. I'm exhausted.

But onto a more pressing worry that I've been experiencing lately. I've been insatiably hungry the past week or so, and figure it must be one of two possibilities:
1) I'm headed down Obesity Highway
2) I'm losing weight so rapidly from calorie reduction that Sports Illustrated is considering me for their next swimsuit issue.

I hope it's choice (2) but have a sneaking suspicion it's actually (1). This is based on highly scientific evidence I've gathered, in which everyday I eat:  a full breakfast, a snack, my students' snack, my lunch, their lunch, something when I get home, some of roomie's dinner, dessert, and a glass of wine. (What? I have to take the edge off all of that eating. And spending all day with children.)

Plus, my pants are tight and I hate every picture that is taken of me from the neck down. Sometimes the neck up, as well. Water weight, anyone?

Any thoughts? (By that I mean "feel free to leave comments and tell me that I am skinny. Otherwise, keep your trap shut.)


Royar said...

You're really skinny. Like really really skinny. PS Chapel Hill is #6 on my list, btw.

Shae said...

You make me laugh in more capacities than anyone I know. Via text, sext, phone, blog, gmail, facebook, or oh yeah in person. Love you so much, and I feel the same downs/doubts as you. Except I like to binge on McFlurries and chocolate peanut butter ice cream to quell the sharp pain and head trauma my job causes me. So you are not along, look much hotter than me in skinny jeans, ipso facto you are skinny. Let's play again soon, okay?

Shae said...

along --> alone.

p.s. I'm on a redeye plane right now. Feel loved.

Fabulously Awkward said...

UGH. Story of my life. You are not alone. My best tip to you: surround yourself with healthy snacks. Raw almonds, fresh fruit, low-fat cottage cheese and string cheese...makes it easier when you're hungry to eat something good.

Glad you're back writing again. I, along with all of your other followers, misses your silliness. Truth.

style'n said...

ha ha I think this time of year our bodies are telling us to eat more so we can store too much fat for the winter right? I feel hungry too! And good for you with the dating and grad're definitely forgiven :)
I am finally sitting her watching Modern Family and I am determined to read my cooking light magazine. It's like theres no time for anything these days

Ashley Bashley said...

you be's a skinny betch.


Jamie said...

I have been so HUNGRY since I went back to school. I blame it on a lot of things, but mostly it is that I'm stressed, ergo, I eat 5x more than I did in my previous life as a sane person. Just wait until finals when the fun will continue 24/7.

Lulu said...

I am 'under the weather' or 'busy' (with my PJs and a high ball of Makers Mark) more evenings than I care to admit. Enjoy that me time, girl. Rock on.

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