Tuesday, July 3, 2012

{The Bachelorette} Hometown Dates

So usually I don't blog about the Bachelorette because by the time I've watched it on my DVR, no one cares anymore. But not this week. (Fingers crossed.)

Truth: Last night may have been the first time (ever) that I was glad I'm not Emily Maynard.

It's a new feeling, y'all.

But seriously. Hometown dates seem:
1) extremely long with lots of repeating of why you think ______________(insert man's name here) is the p-e-r-f-e-c-t guy for you, and
2) more than slightly awkward when you know that you are sending that man packing in less than 72 hours.

Example: Chris. Sorry, dude. But all you did was prove to Emily that she was making the right choice with your whiny little girl act. I mean seriously. It seems like you get this mad when the tiniest little thing doesn't go your way, which means we'd used up all of our sympathy on you before the rose ceremony. It's not her fault your dad told you things that she hadn't actually said.


Then she went to Utah to visit my personal favorite, Jef. I. Love. This. Man. Maybe it's the skinny jeans, or maybe the fact that he has more product in his hair in a day than Emily does in a week, but I adore him. He's not the typical guy you see on the Bachelorette, and I find that very refreshing. Also, I like his muscles.

And can we talk about the most romantic letter ever written?!?!? I was dying. DYING. I'm pretty sure I would have demanded a ring right at that moment, and then just worn it to the rose ceremony and hoped the other guys got the picture. "Sorry losers, while you were catching up on the latest US Weekly during your plane ride home, Jef was composing the greatest love letter ever written. Buh-bye."

Then we meet Arie's family, in which they talk about Emily in Dutch while she's sitting right there! Rude, rude, rude. I couldn't really recover after that. Moving on.

Sean's "surprise" was about the lamest thing I've ever witnessed. I don't know about Emily, but I don't think it's cute or funny to get tricked just to witness my reaction. Not cool. And they did it to her twice! Can we also talk about the fact that he seems like a not-so-great kisser based on the fact that I felt like his tongue was all up in my face and I'm just a viewer? Get it together, bro.

On a final note, sister friend was getting real comfortable with that teasing comb at the rose ceremony. Can we say "volume"? She looked hot.

Work it girl.
At this point, I truly have no idea who she's going to pick, which drives me a little crazy but also keeps it interesting.

Who's y'all's favorite? Who do you think she's going to choose?


Kristin said...

Thanks for the recap b/c my dvr decided to be a jerk and not record it. What was Sean's surprise? He is my fav!

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