Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Rapper's Muse

My two boys and I eat lunch together in my classroom every day. It's a lightning-fast 20 minutes that I usually spend telling J. he cannot, in fact, have all of T.'s chicken nuggets, even T. is willing to trade for them. 

(FYI: I still am unable to stop J. from continuously shouting "Hey T.! can I get some of those? Some of them nuggets? Hey T.! Can I get some of those? Some of them nuggets?" over and over  until my eardrums are about to bleed.)

They usually spend about half of the twenty minute time period making gagging noises and pretending to vomit over whatever I've brought for lunch, since it:

1. Usually contains vegetables of some sort, and
2. Isn't fried. 

I ignore them (it's become an art form, let me tell you), but yesterday they decided they needed a new medium to get their point across: a rap song. 

It went a  little something like this:

Ms. G is a nice teacher
She eats nasty stuff for lunch
Spinach, cabbage, spinach, cabbage...

Which, while lacking in general beat and lyrical quality, was too funny not to laugh at. I look forward to starring in the music video. 


Shae Majors said...

ahahaha I L-O-V-E this!!!!!!!

first of all....whHhy do boys (in general) always have an opinion or comment about the foods we choose to eat?!

Second, i so wish I could be a fly on the wall for those 20 minutes (or, at the very minimum, be able to see you trying to keep a straight face)!

I miss my Ensley attitdue! Good thing you've got some soul and know that a rap is the most sincere form of flattery....i'm jealous!

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