Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook Envy: Totally Legit

I need to stay away from Facebook. And magazines. Earlier this spring, CBS news had a story about Facebook envy: a condition in which users feel dejected after seeing happy updates from friends.

Though I laughed at the time, I'm here to tell you shocking news.

It's real, ya'll

As a 25 year old sitting in her dorm room and writing this, it's downright depressing to stalk my 1,405 "friends" and see how much fun everyone is having this summer. Let me put it this way:

Your summer? Pools, lakes, barbeques, beer, vacations, adventures, bikinis

My summer? Summer school, dining hall food, lesson planning, dorm living, beer, 110 degree heat indexes, occasional (vegetarian!) barbeques.

I guess I shouldn't complain as long as there's beer. But still.

After I took my Facebook hiatus, I somehow decided it was a good choice to buy the July issue of Glamour. Sure, it was full of informative articles, if you're doing any of the aforementioned "fun" summer activities. I don't really need articles about getting safe sun, since I'm never really outdoors, but it serves as a painful reminder that there are people doing things that involve prolonged sun exposure. I need articles like "How to Apply Makeup in Florescent Light" and "Easy Hairdos When You Haven't Had Hot Water Since Thursday", but I have a feeling that most people reading Glamour aren't in the same boat.

Six more days until I'm back in North Carolina and my own bed. Let the countdown begin...

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