Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Be's a Graduate!

After five great years of undergrad, a few secrets I wish I'd known about college graduation:

1. Actual ceremony: pretty boring.

2. Caps and gowns=universally unflattering (reference above photo for proof).

3. What you are wearing underneath said gown really isn't a big deal and therefore,

4. not worth getting in a fight with your mom over. (Oops.)

5. Despite it being your own, you know, college graduation, you will still be banished to the kid's table at dinner afterwards.

6. While it IS totally appropriate to ask the fellow graduate next to you to get off his Blackberry (in the front row, no less), abstaining from use of the f-bomb might have been a bit more polite. But seriously, get off your f**king Blackberry.

On the bright side, the margaritas were flowing and I got a Target trip out of the whole thing (Target is the one thing missing in the life of a Manhattanite), which to me equals Best Weekend Ever. And don't even get me started on the Tiffany's I got from Mom and Pops....

...come to think of it, I could have graduation every weekend! See you in another five years...

Go Gators!


Kendra said...

Thanks for posting Ens! I missed reading your rants, haha. Congrats on the graduation!!!

Matt and Brittany said...

CONGRATS!!! Baby Sona and I are so proud of you:) Umm....I think that upon your busy shedule that we know you keep you need to post more often because I need my Ensley fix at least twice a week. Love you!!!

B Teal

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