Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Year, New Me, New York

A checklist for the new year:
Squeeze three girls into a 2 bedroom apt: Check!

Find waitressing job: Check!

Look forward to the day in which waitressing job will no longer be required for survival: Check!

Buy winter coat: Check!

Curse self for buying white winter coat after trying to walk the New York sidewalks with coffee in hand: Check!

Pounce on Seventeen's Creative Director in the bathroom and introduce yourself: Check!

Stalk reality show D-listers when they come into the office (Jay from the City anyone?): Check!

Walk by the freebie twice hourly: Check!

Collect books from said freebie table that were written for 13 year olds: Check!

Love life in New York, despite the fact that there is slush and rain simultaneously: Check Check!

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