Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RHOC: They're Baaaaaack!

And as bitchy as ever. (Thank God.)

I can't really explain why, but Real Housewives of Orange County has always been my favorite of the franchise. (Plus there was that day that Heather Dubrow retweeted this link and made my life complete forever.) 

No matter that most of them are always in some sort of financial trouble and probably have about as much money in the bank as I do (minus my BFF Dubrow, obvi), I can't get enough. Maybe I'm jealous that they're constantly drinking white wine while overlooking the Pacific. Maybe I love to see whose face can change the most from season to season. Like all of the best things in life, it's a mystery. 

Speaking of face changes, my least favorite OC Housewife Vicki (oh wait, my second to least favorite...I forgot about Alexis) has gone and gotten herself a chin implant, or what I like to call a "chimplant". 

Whatever you call it, it's bad. Real bad. Just look at Gretchie-poo's face when she sees it:
{Source: Bravo}
Um...yeah. It probably didn't help that that Vicki's first scene of the season was of her make-up free and moving furniture. Ouch.
{Source: Bravo}
Since I'm pretty sure production gave her a heads up as to when they would start filming, I have no idea why her faced hadn't "settled" (aka calmed the hell down) by the time she was appearing on the show. 

Thought to give her credit, she did look A LOT better that night on WWHL:

But still. (Shudders).

Everyone's favorite intellectuals wannabes made a (thankfully) short appearance, but still long enough for Jim to remind us all that he controls everything that Alexis does and wears! How sweet.
Just laugh and back away slowly. 
Honestly, it was sort of the same-old, same old, until...wait...

....did somebody say FABULOUS?
{Source: Bravo}
Mrs. Dubrow is still the most faboosh of the group, natch. Why couldn't they cut the scene of Vicki moving couches and let us see more of her party planning?

Until next week, when we'll see Vicki and Tamra's confrontation at (where else?) Heather's party. Dun dun dun....

Easter in Edenton

Confession: It's been a few years since I celebrated Easter (cue the lighting striking me down). 

There, I said it. Like most holidays, it's just not the same to celebrate it without your family. (Plus, the pastel eggs and bunnies creep me out in a major way.)

This year, my friend/neighbor Megan and her sorority sister Katie would be in town for the weekend, which gave me a good excuse to take off my sweatpants make Easter plans. 

Plans which involved church, vegan pancakes, and lots and lots of champagne. #duh
From top left: Megan and Katie, mimosa cheers, the sexy chefs, monogrammed wine coozies
After talking Megs out of attending the sunrise service (child, please), we crammed into the 11 o'clock, where we were so late we sat on folding chairs with nary a prayer book or hymnal. (Oops.)

Afterwards, we set about making brunch. And by "making brunch", I mean we drank buckets of mimosas while I made really terrible vegan pancakes that took about 30 minutes to cook...each. (Not joking.) When finished, they tasted a bit like rubber from the bottom of a shoe. (But we covered them with syrup and ate them anyways.) 

Megan and I, being the small town folk that we are, continued to squeal "This is so FUN!" like losers at three minute intervals while our guest looked on patiently. (We're easily entertained.) By mid-afternoon, we were sprawled on the couch, full and happy. 

"So...what should we do now?" asked Katie.

Megan and I glanced at each other. Erm....ha ha, well....

This is sort of it. 

More champagne?

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